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Dave Wheelock - Wheelock Group

Hi, My Name Is Dave Wheelock

Howdy, I'm Dave Wheelock, and welcome to my little island on the web. This is the Wheelock Group blog. I'll be writing articles periodically that pertain to business consulting, search engine optimization, website design, application development, and web marketing in general.

Most posts will include our services here at the Wheelock Group. I will typically write short articles towards the customers that we might cater to. Sometimes those articles will turn more into advertisements for our services, but this is a business you know...

A Little Background Color

Here's a few tidbits about my background and the Wheelock Group. I've been working in web marketing for a little over 12 years. I started with a (still) successful dot.com in the second half of the 90's. I was finding myself in the mountains of Colorado a bit after college, when I was hired to find advertisers for a ski resort directory on the web.

It was an interesting idea, but with the web in it's infancy there was a lot to learn and new ideas flying fast. With a B.S. in Marketing I had a pretty good idea of advertising and sales principals, but I was sceptical much like our first advertisers.

I knew that this was my industry from my first day on the job. I'm showing my inner geek, but I was the kid that actually went to computer camp. I wrote programs on my Commodore 64. My high school computers teacher used my Basic calculator program as a class reference for years after I graduated. My brain runs on loops and if/then statements. On that first day, I immediately understood the internal workings of the internet like it was the back of my hand.

Over time, I tinkered with our websites, databases, and intranets and methodically learned the ins and outs of web programming and database development. I worked closely with our graphic design department to create fresh ideas and learned the fine art of search engine marketing. After a couple years I felt that I was ready to make my mark on the web, so I did.

The Wheelock Group Is

In 1999 I founded the Wheelock Group in my hometown of Greenville, Michigan. We started out as website designers, providing little more than basic brochure type websites and search engine marketing. Not many businesses in West Michigan were grasping the web advertising concept just yet, but we slowly gained customers from all over the area and moved around a bit in West Michigan.

Business grew over the years and soon we were providing custom application development and interactive web sites nationally. We started building real-time inventory applications for auto dealers then moved to E-commerce stores, affiliate systems, and membership type sites.

Before long we had built our first social networking systems, intranet systems, complex B2B marketplaces, and published several stand-alone software products that website owners built their businesses around. Some of our largest clients requested work from us around that time as well.

We've Been Missing You

One of those clients contracted us exclusively for a few years to build and maintain a large scale supplier management system complete with bells and whistles. The work we provided the company was some of our best to date and I'm most proud to have had the opportunity work with them.

We did however, miss working with the variety of companies we had been working with. Recently, that contract ended and thus the restructuring of the Wheelock Group. So, we're back and ready rumble!

We are putting more emphasis on our SEO expertise in hopes that we can help a wider variety of companies, but we do still offer our design and development services, so please let me know what your needs are. I've got a bit of catching up to do with my blog posts, but hang with me - they will come...

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With our roots in these small Michigan communities, we strive to provide affordable and effective alternatives for marketing and advertising needs to Michigan companies. We also provide our clients with solutions and services that offer a high ROI. We are doing our part in helping these local businesses stay local to Michigan.


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The Wheelock Group is based in the West Michigan Area of Grand Rapids. We are from West Michigan and have continued to serve in the Grand Rapids area since 1999. If you are interested in working with a local Grand Rapids company, please contact us today. We also provide service nationally and even globally for companies with web design, development, SEO, consulting and marketing needs. Our clients range from the local area and expand to cover all of Michigan as well as nation-wide. We work in virtual offices normally and can provide all teleconferencing requirements to keep us in touch regularly. Contact us today to get started working on your business now!

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